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We know that a bra fitting is more than just reading the number on a measuring tape. Our team is here to help you find bras that not only fit your body, but prove you don’t have to compromise style for fit. Our bra fitters are carefully trained to know which brands and styles will best suit your size and silhouette.

Just like our personalities, our bodies are all very different, but have similar attributes. While you may find you have a hip/waist measurement that is the same as a friend, your breast size and rib cage are different. Breast sizing changes over time and with how a person lives their life. For example, breastfeeding, physical activity or exercise, growth spurts, change in weight, breast cancer, even aging, are all factors known to change your breast size.

When you work with one of our bra fitting experts, she will help you discover new shapes and styles you wouldn’t have found yourself.

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